Mainframe Platform Ann. 2019-02-15

The mainframe platform release announced at ETH Denver.

Důkaz 90
Testing Of Prototype 2019-02-15 (nebo dříve)

Usability testing of prototype with 25 selected community members. Between 11 and 15 Feb.

Důkaz 98
ETHDenver 2019 2019-02-15

ETHDenver buildathon, workshops, and community gathering in Denver from February 15-17.

Důkaz 87
First Roadmap Publish 2019-02-15 (nebo dříve)

"The first Chainpoint roadmap will be published in Q1 2019."

Důkaz 80
Wallet Encryption 2019-02-15

Wallet encryption feature to be available for all once all funds are moved to transparent address.

Důkaz 91
Z-Transactions Disabled 2019-02-15

KMD funds held in private Z-address must be moved to transparent address to support upcoming dPoW and KMD 2.0.

Důkaz 87
Machi X AtomicDrops 2019-02-15

MITH holders receive the number of MCX tokens equivalent to 10% of their MITH tokens saved in their VAULT.

Důkaz 83
Partnership Announcement 2019-02-15

"Huge Partnership Announcement coming for #kubo @KuboCoin with a globally known brand."

Důkaz 94
Initial KWT Release 2019-02-15

"RED is planning to release the initial KWT until February 15th"

Důkaz 75
Masternode Payments Start 2019-02-15

Důkaz 56
Offensive Security Conf. 2019-02-15

Hacken will be visiting Offensive Security Conference to present expertise in blockchain security.

Důkaz 83
Rebranding Contest Ends 2019-02-15 (nebo dříve)

"The contest will run for 2 weeks starting Feb1, but we may adjust that timeline based on the number of submissions."

Důkaz 80
POS Commences 2019-02-15

Důkaz 44
Incentives Snapshot 2019-02-15

"Snapshot will be on Every mid of the Month (11pm – 12midnight Ph Time)."

Důkaz 60
XinFin at TreeHacks2019 2019-02-15

XinFin partners with Stanford University for TreeHacks hack with trees 2019, a premier hackathon held at Stanford, California.

Důkaz 50
Swap to VeriSafe Rebrand 2019-02-15

Cpollo swaps to VeriSafe (VSF).

Důkaz 50
Developer Conference 2019-02-16

Neo Devcon at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle from February 16-17.

Důkaz 93
Hard Fork 2019-02-16

NavCoin hard fork at block 2882875, which is expected February 16.

Důkaz 95
Attends VidCon 2019-02-16

SnapCoin attends VidCon London (https://vidconlondon.com/).

Důkaz 93
P2PB2B.io Listing 2019-02-16 (nebo dříve)

"Garuda Token (GAD) will soon be trading at @p2pb2b_io in a few days. "

Důkaz 50
Binance Listing 2019-02-16

Binance will open trading for ONG/BNB, ONG/BTC and ONG/USDT trading pairs at 10:00 AM (UTC).

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Platform Design Release 2019-02-17

Release of platform designs to the community.

Důkaz 99
Marketing Campaign 2019-02-17 (nebo dříve)

Major marketing campaign is planned for Feb 2019.

Důkaz 78
Roadmap Upgrade 2019-02-18

Důkaz 93
RTA Mining supernodes 2019-02-18 (nebo dříve)

Announcing an "RTA Mining" Pre-release of the RTA Supernode.

Důkaz 71
Exchange Listing 2019-02-18

Singapore exchange lists XOV at 11 AM (GMT).

Důkaz 70
Reward Distribution 2019-02-19

NDEX Network's first reward distribution in February 2019.

Důkaz 94
Partnership Announcement 2019-02-19

"EPIC Coin partnership/merger to be announced."

Důkaz 91
Major KUBO Expansion 2019-02-19

"Major Kubo Project expansion on the 19th of February."

Důkaz 91
ETC Labs Event 2019-02-19

ETC Labs hosts "Buying Crypto: Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges" from 6 PM to 8:30 PM PST.

Důkaz 100
Nakamoto's Den Conference 2019-02-19

Nakamoto's Den conference at Carob Mill Venue, Limassol, Cyprus. from February 19-20.

Důkaz 57
Exchange Listing 2019-02-19

Hong Kong exchange lists XOV at 10 AM (GMT).

Důkaz 100
Exchange Auto-swap 2019-02-19

Auto-swap in exchanges Graviex and Crex24.

Důkaz 0
Core Wallet Mainnet 2019-02-20 (nebo dříve)

"Until mid-February, we make Impleum Core wallet mainnet release."

Důkaz 97
Additional Games 2019-02-20 (nebo dříve)

"More games on Waves," by Feb 20.

Důkaz 90
Istanbul Summit 2019-02-20

"We are associating investors, entrepreneurs and professionals for discussing current cryptocurrency market and future of blockchain technology."

Důkaz 75
Giveaway Contest Ends 2019-02-20

"Using Murmur is now more rewarding than ever. Win 20EOS+5000MUR tokens for getting most number of engagements on your murmur."

Důkaz 96
First Network Hardfork 2019-02-20

Důkaz 100
Exchange Security Seminar 2019-02-20

Sentinel Protocol will host a Crypto Exchange Security Seminar with Korea University, Norma and Alibaba Cloud in Seoul.

Důkaz 0
KBYT Release 2019-02-21

"We are pleased to announce that we will be creating our “Micro” Coin, that shall be named KazuByte or KBYT..."

Důkaz 70
CME: February Last Trade 2019-02-22

Last trade of Bitcoin futures contract for February, 22th 2019. Trading terminates at 4 PM GMT.

Důkaz 76
Anarchapulco 2.0 2019-02-22

"The only way to see change in this world is to make it happen and Anarchaforko is our attempt to change our world."

Důkaz 67
BCH/BSV Hardfork 2019-02-22

Waves client pauses trading of BCH to take a snapshot of balances. BCH holders will receive BSV equal to the amount of their held BCH.

Důkaz 71
First Burn 2019-02-22

"We will soon commence our program of burning unsold SNPC tokens (...) first stage being scheduled for 22nd February 2019"

Důkaz 94
EtherFlyer SPT Airdrop 2019-02-22 (nebo dříve)

10,000,000 SPT token giveaway for public airdrop and TCASH holders from February 8, 12 PM (UTC+8) - February 22, 12 PM (UTC+8).

Důkaz 80
Blockchain Summit India 2019-02-22

Blockchain Summit India 2019 at IIM Lukhnow, Noida Campus from February 22-23.

Důkaz 40
Sponsors Degale Fight 2019-02-23

"Stratis are proud to be sponsoring ... @jamesdegale1 for his upcoming fight @TheO2...."

Důkaz 80
Partnership Announcement 2019-02-23 (nebo dříve)

"Deal with American manufacturer and retailer. The company was founded in 1910. Official press release - next week."

Důkaz 63
LYFE Trading Contest Ends 2019-02-24

"LYFE Trading Contest is running on Tokenomy Exchange from January 24, 3 PM (GMT +8) to February 24 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8)."

Důkaz 98
LYFE Competition Ends 2019-02-24

LYFE trading competition on Tokenomy from January 24, 3 PM (GMT +8) to February 24 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8).

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